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As usual also this year Ferko OM8TA organized a meeting of HAM's from Kosice and Kosice region in the youth center Technik. At the same time our family was outside Kosice, therefore photoshoot was ensured by Jojo OM3ZAS and Milos OM3FZ.
Foyer and Hall has been occupied with participants and HAM bazaar took place there too.
Ferko OM8TA welcomed participants and opened the meeting. Then he informed about HAM radio activities and handed over the awards for results achieved in the contests. The information about ARES activities were told by Stano OM8AXU.
The discussions on various topics and lectures continued. An application of PC for TRX-control and using a contest log was presented by Stano OM8AXU.
Peter OM0TM held a lecture of APRS operation, supplemented by practical demonstrations. The meetings and debates continued.
Around noon the participants said goodbye. The attendance list enregistered more than 80 participants.


Also this year Michal OM6AZ invited us to participate in the CQ WW 160 m contest organized by club station OM3KHE. The location is in the mountains near Martin city, hotel Trusalova.
We left Kosice on Friday evening. Setting sun illuminated Krivan Peak rewarded us a beautiful panorama.
Welcoming in Trusalova suspended the completion of antennas for a moment. We were accommodated and involved in the HAM station installation. Then the meeting was held in the bar huts in order to determine the tactics and timetable. OM3KHE members demonstrated a new club outfits and also presented unconventional packaging for refreshing drinks suitable for use in the contest.
Time before the contest we spent with discussions on various topics. There were local hunters also. They organized their weekend ball. Before the contest we tasted a special food called drawned man (pickled sausages with onions) and contest was started by Vierka OM8YL with her perfect cakes.
A nice saturday morning pulled our youth on Kubinska Hola hill for skiing. Early evening we spent with measuring of the characteristics of duplexer for 2 metre repeater, the talks and song with guitar accompaniment. Some club topics, which were dealt with Joseph OM6AM as chief OM3KHE club, were solved uncompromisingly. On Saturday before sunset the operators continued in the contest until Sunday morning.
On Sunday at noon we said goodbye and thank guys from OM3KHE for great fun.
On the way back to Kosice we made a stop at Kubinska hola hill. Youth enjoyed beautiful weather for skiing.

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